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Welcome and Thank You for visiting the Chiller City Corporation website.

If you are a returning customer please click on the links above to quickly locate important information. If this is your first time here it is time for you to find out what your successful competitors may already know.

The economy has not recovered like any of us would like. Energy and other costs have escalated dramatically, but the fact is that business income has not kept pace for nearly 6 years now. We have done what we can to help our loyal customers keep their costs down. We have not increased our prices in nearly 4 years and our labor rate is the same as it was 6 years ago. We would like to raise our price to cover our ever-increasing costs but we know that most of our customer are in the same position and hope that by maintaining our pricing structure we can help our partners succeed in their markets. Our most important goal remains to help you get the correct chiller for your application, then ship you a quality piece of equipment at a fair price. Our gigantic inventory allows us to continue to supply superior value regardless of economic conditions. We also pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service experience. Here are some reasons why people buy from Chiller City regardless of their economic situation:

  • Lower Price -- Chiller City products are typically priced at 40-60% of manufacturer's list price with our standard warranty, sometimes less. Even after purchasing a 1 year extended warranty -- equaling or exceeding most manufacturer's warranties, most products are still on average 50-70% of OEM prices.
  • Faster Delivery -- Most Chiller City products can be shipped in 2 weeks or less, some the same day, resulting in less cost to stock spare parts.
  • Superior Technical Support -- We don't employ call centers. If you have a problem you will speak directly to engineers or technicians who spend every day of their working lives rebuilding chillers. Your time is valuable and so is lost production time. If you have doubts about this call and ask us questions about your application before purchasing ... then call our competitors or even the OEMs and ask the same questions. We don't have to say anything else -- you decide who you want to call if you have a problem.
  • Liberal Warranty Policy -- Problems are rare, but if you have a problem with a chiller purchased from us we have a common goal -- to get it repaired the most cost effective and fastest way possible for both parties. Since many of our customers are already technically inclined this may often be expert technical support followed by an overnight shipment of a critical part ... in fact this resolves over 90% of all warranty issues within one day. Without opening ourselves to unnecessary and often ineffective third party service procedures, we will work with customers to resolve problems on-site whenever possible. Most warranty repairs that need to be returned to us are resolved and returned to the customer within 2 days of receipt.
  • Innovative Spares Programs -- Qualified customers can have "hot" spares stocked at their locations at no cost. This can result in near zero downtime with no capital cost. This program only applies to customers with a large number of Chiller City refurbished chillers or those with a service contract for multiple chillers. Contact us for more information on this program.

"Real" Green products.

It seems that everyone today is talking about how "Green" their products are. It's about time, we welcome that discussion. In our opinion, it is time people realized not only the adverse affect that our disposable society has on our planet but on their own finances as well. Let's face facts -- there is nothing "greener" than using a product that someone else can no longer use. Some people associate a certain stigma with "reusing" something someone else didn't need, but it should really be the opposite. Are you really proud that you bought a "new" chiller resulting in the release of thousands, or even millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the environment? How about the hundred of barrels of imported oil that go onto refining the raw metals in that chiller? Even if you don't believe in global warming, what is the point of buying a "new" product if it costs you more money, uses more natural resources and had no advantage in reliability or longevity?

At Chiller City we believe it shouldn't hurt to be Green.

Some older products either use energy so inefficiently or produce unacceptable levels of contaminants that we will not resell them. These products have their refrigerant and/or oils recovered and are dismantled for recovery of their reusable base materials. Chiller City never charges a fee for disposal of obsolete chillers or refrigerants (some limitations may apply including mixed refrigerants). Other products may be updated using modern refrigerants and/or oils to extend their useful life. Chiller City does not use CFC refrigerants when charging systems unless they can be recovered and then reinstalled. Chillers containing CFC refrigerants that do not have leaks or have issues requiring opening of the refrigerant system may be resold but any system requiring open service and additional refrigerant will be updated to modern refrigerants.

We believe that saving our planet should go hand-in-hand with saving money and making your business more efficient. Sometimes an up-front investment may be required, but we believe that the payback should be measured in months, not years. To that end we have launched a select line of products that address specific issues to the environment while providing a payback of less than 2 years. Please see for more information. You may qualify for many incentives from local utilities or government agencies in addition to the cost savings these technologies provide. If you are a seller of a technology that meets this business model please contact us here.

Below is the text of the old Chiller City page. We still have the largest selection and best warranty of any known source of recirculating chillers or any kind of temperature related equipment.

Chiller Welcome to Chiller City, the world's largest known selection of previously owned recirculating chillers, temperature baths, heat exchangers, environmental chambers, ovens, industrial freezers and temperature forcing equipment. We specialize in Neslab and ThermoNeslab Chillers and temperature baths but have a large selection of equipment from other manufacturers such as Bay Voltex, Blue-M, Cincinnati Sub Zero, FTS, Haskris, Lytron, Lydall/Affinity, Revco, Tenney, Temptronic, Thermonic, Thermotron and too many others to list. We also have many nearly impossible to find OEM chillers by these and other manufacturers.

We provide factory trained service on ALL Neslab and most other temperature and refrigeration products. We offer fully guaranteed on-site and depot service as well as air to water and water to air cooling conversions.

We stock and sell most common service parts for the above equipment, so if you want to service your own equipment our trained technicians will help make sure you get the right part as well as expedited shipping to get you back up and running fast.

All Chillers include a minimum 90 day parts/labor warranty at no additional charge! Extended warranties are available.

NEW! Having trouble finding a manufacturer of equipment used in electronics manufacturing? Check out the new FREE resource for Chiller City Customers, our Manufacturer Directory.

NOTE: All company names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. We are not affiliated in any way with Neslab Instruments, Thermo Scientific or Thermo Fisher or any of the other manufacturers listed here. We choose to stock and rebuild these companies' products because in our opinion they are leaders in their fields and make excellent equipment which will provide many years of useful service life when properly rebuilt and maintained. As for Neslab, their original web site at no longer functions but You can visit the Thermo Fisher web site and click on Chillers, Circulators and Water baths to view their current offerings.

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