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Choosing a Chiller

Several factors are important in choosing the best chiller for your particular application. Among the most important are:

Heat Removal Capacity

If this is not known it can be easily measured or derived. You must know the following, either from manufacturers specifications or by measuring: Flow, Temperature In, and Temperature out. Once you have this information, the formula in SAE units is as follows:

SAE Formula

Watts = (BTU/hr) / 3.41

Chiller City recommends a "safety factor" of 50-100%.

Flow Required to Remove Heat

This is the most difficult to determine as it requires in-depth knowledge of the surface area for heat transfer as well as the material heat transfer characteristics. The manufacturer of the equipment is the best source for this information.

Pressure Required to Provide Adequate Flow

This is most easily measured with a simple pressure gauge and a source of water. Normally, these parameters will be specified by the manufacturer of the equipment requiring cooling. If you need help determining these requirements please contact us.

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