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Chiller City Now Sells Refrigerants

Purchase R-22 Refrigerant with Confidence:
All refrigerants are tested, and verified to meet all AHRI 700 Standards. Our unique refrigerant logging system allows Chiller City to track all refrigerant results. These results are available upon request for you records

Refrigerant Reclamation Cylinders

Contact us Today via phone or email:
Toll-Free: 877.244.5501
Local: 480.889.1092
Email: Refrigerant Sales

** R-22 in Non-Refillable 30lbs Cylinders
Verified and Certified to AHRI 700 Refrigerant Standard by an Independent Laboratory (NRTL)

Non-Refillable R-22 Cylinders

** R-22 in Recovery Cylinders
Mechanical Contractors & HVAC Techncian Cylinder Exchange Program

Chiller City's Quality Control for Refrigerants
All Refrigerants for sale by Chiller City meet current AHRI 700 refrigerant standards.
This standard applies to both Reclaimed (Reprocessed) Refrigerants & Newly Manufactured (virgin) Refrigerants

Please email or use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. These will be monitored several times per day during weekdays.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from the Chiller City team.

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