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Chiller Welcome to Chiller City, the world's largest known selection of previously owned recirculating chillers, temperature baths, heat exchangers, environmental chambers, ovens, industrial freezers and temperature forcing equipment. We specialize in Neslab and ThermoNeslab Chillers and temperature baths but have a large selection of equipment from other manufacturers suchs as Bay Voltex, Bue-M, Cincinnatti Sub Zero, FTS, Haskris, Lytron, Lydall/Affinity, Revco, Tenney, Temptronic, Thermonic, Thermotron and too many others to list. We also have many nearly impossible to find OEM units by these and other manufacturers.

We provide factory trained service on ALL Neslab and most other temperature and refrigeration products. We offer fully waranteed on-site and depot service as well as air to water and water to air cooling conversions.

We stock and sell most common service parts for the above equipment, so if you want to service your own equipment our trained technicians will help make sure you get the right part as well as expedited shipping to get you back up and running fast.

All units include a minimum 90 day parts/labor warranty at no additional charge! Extended warranties are available.

NOTE: All comany names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. We are not affiliated in any way with Neslab Instruments, Thermo Scientific or Thermo Fisher or any of the other manufacturers listed here. We choose to stock and rebuild these companies' products becuse in our opinion they are leaders in their fields and make excellent equipment which will provide many years of useful service life when properly rebuilt and maintained. As for Neslab, their original website at http://www.neslab.com No longer appears to function. You can visit the Thermo Scientific website and click on Chillers, Ciruclators and Water baths to view their current offerings.